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A dictionary

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Q: What writing resource do you find history of a word?
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The word resource in a sentence?

Oil is a non-renewable resource, so we must find alternative cleaner fuels.

How do you Type words with Gaelic annotations using Microsoft Word?

Check out this resource: altec(dot)colorado(dot)edu/writing/typing_word.shtml

Does the word Indian need to be capitalized when writing an essay about Texas history?

Yes, Indian should be capitalized.

How did they preserve their poems and their history without writing?

Oral transmission or something like that think of it as word of mouth

How do you find information about a word in Hebrew?

A good resource is Morfix. But you must know how to read Hebrew to use it.

What resource would you use to find multiple synonyms of a word?

I would suggest the thesaurus or

What part of speech is the word resource?

Resource is a noun.

How do you find the history of a word?

Look it up in the Old Oxford English Dictionary; it gives the origin, first use, and history of a word.

To find synonyms for particular word a writer would refer to?

A thesaurus is a helpful resource for writers to find synonyms for a particular word. It provides a list of words with similar meanings, allowing writers to choose the best one to fit their writing style and tone. Additionally, online tools and word processing software often have built-in synonym features to assist writers in finding alternative words.

Is the use of the word late appropriate when writing the family history and most of the persons are dead?

Nope; I dont think so.

What is a sentence for the word resource?

Trees are a reliable and vital resource to our community.

What are the features found in a dictionary?

A DICTIONARY is : A resource to help u find the meaning of a word. Or if its a adjective, pronoun, noun, and more !