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There are many possible social case work studies and history cases. These histories of social case work studies can be found in the local library.

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Q: Discuss the history of social case work?
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What is is social activities?

There are plenty of social activities including sports. Other social activities including making music in bands or choirs for example.

Why is history called social studies?

History is written by the victors within a region. It is comparatively easy to alter the physical evidence of an event as seen in Afghanistan with the destruction of the mountain Buddahs. Therefore in the absence of physical evidence of an event, it is merely hearsay and traditon on the part of the people of the region. In order for history to be a "hard" science, it would have to have incontrovertible evidence and accepted interpretation which does not change. Evidences of such changes are social acceptance of the facts, common agreement of the interpretation of said facts, and archeological evidence which corroborates the facts. This is not possible within history as evidence can be altered and accepted on the part of the people. A recent development to illustrate this issue is the removal of the event known as the Holocaust from UK textbooks because it offends the Muslim community in that country. Despite physical evidence, pictoral proofs, and eyewitness accounts, this segment of the population denies its historical fact, claiming that it is a myth. The UK government has altered the teaching of the fact to accomodate this segment of the population's preduces concerning the event. Thus history can be altered by a government, a segment of the population, or even a political leader in order to suit themselves. This is the reason that history is a social science.

What was factory work like at the turn of the century?

the steel plant was turn in history

Importance of communication skill in social life?

the communication skill is very important in our social life because every profession requires public speaking

What tribe enjoyed a Golden Age of Indian Work under Zeisberger?

same history book? forsure(: moravian(:

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What has the author Karen Whitney Tice written?

Karen Whitney Tice has written: 'Tales of wayward girls and immoral women' -- subject(s): History, Records and correspondence, Social case work, Social case work reporting, Social service

What is the differences between social case work and social group work?

Social Case Work is Method focusing on Individual Problems where as Group work is on Group

History of group work in India?

TISS is the only organization which will tell the origin and history of social work education in India.

What is case work in social work?

It is a method of social work which intervenes in the psycho-social aspects of a person's life to improve, restore, maintain or develop their social functioning by improving their role performance.

Nature and scope of case work in socialwork?

scope of social case work

Tools of social case work?

Tools of Social case work are: 1. Listening 2.Observation 3.Interview 4.Home Visit 5.Relationship Reference: An introduction to social case work by Grace Mathew.

Can my spouse spouse receive half of my Social Security back pay in the divorce settlement?

No. Because it is the persons case based on their work history

What are theDifference between consultation and collaboration in social work?

Consultation in social work is when the social worker confers with another professional on how to proceed on a case. Collaboration is when two professionals work together on the case.

What is the Social Work History in the Philippines?


What has the author Katie Prince written?

Katie Prince has written: 'Boring records?' -- subject(s): Social service, Social case work, Social case work reporting, Communication in social work, Confidential communications, Records and correspondence

What is example of casework?

A case is a situation that the case-worker has control of. Case-work is the work that the attorney or social worker does on your situation.

Why do social work study social welfare?

Well because its history............i think