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A mixture of Slavic people and the Vikings (Scandinavians) made the Russian nation.

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Q: Discuss the origins of the Russian people?
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What were the origins of the Russian people?

Russians are a mixture of Slavic and Viking people.

Discuss the origin of the Russian people?

inside the womans vaginals

The Russian Empire had its origins as a small principality in the vicinity of which Russian city?


Is the name Danielle a Russian name?

No, Danielle is not a Russian name. It has French origins and is a variation of the name Daniel.

How many people are named tasha?

Approximately 121,000 people in the United States are named Tasha. This name has Russian origins and is a variation of the name Natasha.

Discuss the origins and nature of the progressive movement?

It is another word for socialist. The 1st cousin to communism.

Your family came from Russia originally but when you look up the origins of names garfinkel winds up as Irish how did you wind up in Russia?

People are born in different places to where their origins are. so if their origin is Irish then it is Irish, But if they were born in Russia that means that they are Russian, not Irish

What is the origins of the Russian people?

If you are looking for the actual origin of the Russian people you must look into the distant ravages of time. in the Bible we see a son of Japheth called Gomer. These people spread across Europe and Asia via the north, some to become Europeans, later the Gauls, some to become Muscovites, Cimmerians which were called Gog and Magog.

Does the name Natsha an English name?

it means that Natasha Kalolo in Rm 20 is married to timothy ulalalaThe origins of the girls name Natasha is of Greek/Russian origins, and is not of English origin

Do Russian people like English people?

no because Russian people are stupid

What were the origins of the new immigrants to the US during the period of 1890-1915?

The origins of the new immigrants were mostly from Russia. The Russian-Jews came after the assassination of Alexander II.

How do you say school in Russian?

The russian word for "school" is "школа" ([shkola]) It comes from the Latin "schola" - "place for the discussion". In fact, English "school" origins from the same Latin word as well.