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Q: Do culture regions create benefits or disadvantage for Canada?
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What are two examples of culture regions in Canada?

Desert Areas,Mountains, Lakes , and Oceans By:Curious Kid Desert Areas,Mountains, Lakes , and Oceans By:Curious Kid

How have immigrants influenced Canadian culture?

There is no such thing as a "Canadian" culture anymore than there is a single Global Culture. Canada is a Confederation of many Nations, each with many peoples and cultures. Some of those cultures date back thousands of years, some hundreds and most just a few decades. Most Canadians have very shallow family roots in Canada with 38% not being born in Canada or having at least one parent not born in Canada. With that in mind "Immigrants" are Canadian culture, just as they are Global Culture. BTW in Canada "Immigrants" are considered First Generation and their children Second Generation. This is different than most countries because once a person becomes Canadian they get all the rights and benefits, sometimes even more, than those whose families have been in Canada for hundreds of years. Also those whose families have been here for hundreds of years do not force their culture on others, not even their children. Multi-Generational Canadians have a very live and let live culture and think it is wrong to force others to change their culture. Of course this is not the case for all Multi-Generational Canadian cultures as there are some who have made laws that force their language and culture on new comers. Aside from that minority most Canadians respect other cultures and do not force their culture, or even share their culture as much as others. It is the main quality of Canadians that people like. People who come to Canada have, generally speaking, kept their culture.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in Canada?

Well, one advantage would be beautiful wilderness. Another would be government insurance. A major disadvantage if you are older is that same insurance. One disadvantage is the lack of jobs, but that seems to be getting better.

What were the regional interests of Canada east?

population, culture, trades

What is Canada west now called?

Canada west is also known as Western Canada and the western provinces. This is the result of the attempt to reject from the culture.

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What two world culture regions share part of the continent of North America?

French Canada and English Canada

Example culture region?

Examples of cultural regions include a portion of Louisiana, and Francophones in Canada.

How many regions are in Canada?

there are 8 physiographic regions in canada

What regions of Canada benefited from Confederation?

Confederation was and is a benefit to all regions of Canada.

What are Canada's six economic regions?

The six economic regions of Canada are: Pacific Canada, Prairies, Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic Canada, and Northern Canada.

How many landform regions are there in Canada?

There are 7 landform regions in Canada right now.

Where are Canada's 8 climate regions?

They are in Canada!

When did Confederation of Regions Party of Canada end?

Confederation of Regions Party of Canada ended in 1996.

When was Confederation of Regions Party of Canada created?

Confederation of Regions Party of Canada was created in 1984.

How many economic regions are there in Canada?

The five economic regions in Canada are Eastern Canada, Quebec, Ontario,the Prairie Provinces, and British Columbia.

Who is the Minister of the Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec for Canada?

Denis Lebel is the Minister of the Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec for Canada.

What type of vegetation covers most of Canada?

Tundra and Boreal Forest are the largest vegetation regions in Canada.