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Q: Does Canada have a unicameral or bicameral house?
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Should the legislature be bicameral or unicameral?

The U.S. Congress is bicameral legislature, because it is a two-house legislature; Senate and the House of Representatives

What is a one house legislature called?

unicameral A one house legislature is a unicameral. A two house legislature is a bicameral.

What is a legislative body with one house called?


Is the legislature of Pennsylvania bicameral or unicameral?

its bicameral, which means "2 houses". we have the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Is New Jersey bicameral or unicameral?

The state legislature is BICAMERAL not unicameral because the senate is the upper house and the general assembly is the lower house. That's two houses so NJ is BICAMERAL.

A two house legislature is called a unicameral?


Is US legislature unicameral or bicameral?

bicameral. there is two houses. house of representatives and the senate

Does rajasthan have a unicameral or bicameral legeslative?


Is Congress unicameral or bicameral?

In the U.S., Congress is bicameral. There are two branches of Congress, the Senate and the House.

Is Alberta bicameral or tricameral?

Alberta's Legislature, like those of all Canada's provinces and territories, is unicameral. Canada's Parliament is bicameral.

Did the second continental congress have a bicameral or a unicameral organization?

The definition of "unicameral" is one legislative house. The definition of "bicameral" is two legislative houses. The Second Continental Congress that was convened in Philadelphia consisted of one legislative house; therefore it was unicameral.

Is Floridas legislature bicameral or unicameral?

Florida is a Bicameral Legislature