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There is no constitutional requirement that a Prime Minister has to speak French. In fact there are hardly any requirements to be Prime Minister, as long as you are a Canadian citizen and of voting age (18 or older). So if an 18 year old somehow became leader of a federal party and won a majority of seats in Parliament, he'd be the new Prime Minister.

That being said, if you don't speak French then chances of your party winning any seats in Quebec, which has the second highest amount of seats after Ontario, are almost zero. They wouldn't be able to participate in the French debate or communicate with French Canadians at all.

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Q: Does the Canadian prime minister have to speak french?
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There is no law requiring the prime minister to speak French. For that matter, there is no law requiring the prime minister to speak English either. But for more than a generation, the prime minister from time to time has been able to speak both official languages. The last prime minister to be unilingual English speaking was John George Diefenbaker (1957-1963). (That's Dief, as in chief, followed by en, and then baker.) Diefenbaker used to joke that when he spoke French, every English speaking Canadian knew exactly what he was saying. His pronunciation of the French that was written for him was absolutely dreadful. As a practical political reality, it is now unlikely that anyone would become prime minister who was not bilingual.

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