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yes if they obey all rules they can be reincarnated into a higher caste. women can only be reincarnated into an animal if all rules are obeyed.

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Q: Does the caste system in India allow people to move up the social ladder And what is the role of women in this system?
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What were the social groups of the aryan people who entered India?

When the Aryans first entered India, they were divided in three social classes, the warriors, the priests and the common people.

What did Mohandas Gandhi defend?

Mohandas Gandhi defended the rights of all classes of people. India had an almost insurmountable caste system that kept people poor for generations.

Social problems in India?

Social change in India refers to the alteration of the social order of the Indian society. The middle is becoming more powerful and therefore, they are participating more in social cause which is a good sign. Be it Swatch Bharat Abhiyan or participating in various NGO activities of their area. People today want over all development, not just in terms os salary! I recently witnessed a health camp organised by Ponty Chadha Foundation in one of the villages in Noida. I really like their initiative and the enthusiasm with which the youth participated and supported the cause.

How did caste rules affect the daily lives of Indians?

Hinduism contributed to India's two greatest features- political diversity and regionalism. The Guptas, for example, did not unify India's dialects into single language while China created a standard character system. During the Mauryan dynasty, India was under frequent attack by peoples on the northwestern mountain passes. As a result, classical India instead became a very well governed network of smaller kingdoms. The development of a rigid Hindu caste system lied at the heart of this stability. Separated into brahmins (priests), kshatriyas (warriors and aristocrats), vaishyas (cultivators, artisans, and merchants) and shudras (landless peasants and serfs), the caste system promoted tolerance, allowing widely different social classes to live peacefully next to each other, separated by social structure. Loyalty to caste superseded loyalty to any overall ruler. Moreover, Hinduism promised personal salvation, or in Hindu terms- moksha, to those who practiced the faith diligently.

The country of India was formed from British India for the?

It Was Formed For The Hindu People.

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Is there social mobility up and down the ladder in India caste system?


What was the social ladder among the slaves?

The slave social ladder: look at the caste systems in India

What was the social structure of ancient india?

Both countries operate under a caste system. The system in India was strict and prohibited other classes from interacting with each other while Chinaâ??s social system did not demonstrate a formal and strict social ladder.

What is the social system in India?

The caste system that divides people into different groups

Is there equality and justice in our society?

There is still Caste System (social classes) in India and it puts differences between the people.

Is there equality and justice in India?

There is still Caste System (social classes) in India and it puts differences between the people.

The social class system that came to be known as the caste system was established in India by?

the social class system that came to be know as the casten system was established in india

What is the meaning of caste system as it relates to India?

A type of social structure which divides people on the basis of inherited social status.

What is social system called in India?


What is the aryan caste system?

it is the "social pyramid" if ancient India I think.

What was India's Social System called?

combined family

How are the social class system and the caste system of India similar and different?

cast system is buy birth social class system is monitary in social class you can move up cast you can not