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land reform

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Q: During the Communist Revolution in China many farmers supported the Communists because the Communists promised?
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Why did the peasants support the communists party in china?

Peasants in China supported the Communist Party because it promised land redistribution and social equality, addressing issues of oppression and poverty they faced under previous regimes. The Communist Party also mobilized peasants in rural areas, providing them with a sense of power and empowerment.

What was one reason for the victory of the communist over the nationalist in china in 1949?

I think The Communists promised land reform to the peasants.

What is commune system of china?

The communist led by Mao Zedong. He opposed the nationalist and supported communist. Mao started the commune system for peasant.. because he is came from the peasant and backward family. COMMUNIST PROMISED TO TAKE LAND FROM LANDLORDS AND DISTRIBUTE IT TO PEASANTS.

Compare and contrast the political ideas of Jiang Jieshi leader of the Guomindang and Mao Zedong leader of the Communists and the strategoes they used to gain power?

Compare the reforms that Jiang Jieshi and Mao promised to the Chinese people.

What happened to the Indians who supported the crown during the revolution?

The Indians who supported the crown during the Revolution were often found fighting along side the British soldiers. These Indians were promised rewards by the British following the war but were often killed or imprisoned.

Who supported Mao Zedong?

Peasants supported Mao Zedong because they had nothing and had nothing to lose, and he promised I them everything

What did John F. Kennedy campaign stand for?

The main issues were the economy and the Communist threat including a perceived "missile gap" with the USSR and the Communist government of Cuba. Kennedy promised to fix both.

What Support for the Communists was widespread in China because they promised to?

seize the property of rural landowners and redistributed it among the peasants.

Why wasn't Russia at the peace conference during World War 1?

The Russian Revolution happened in 1917. The new Communist government had promised peace, and therefore signed a separate peace treaty with Germany before the war ended.

Why did many Africans turn to the communist party of the united States?

It promised economic equality for people no matter their race.…

What was one of the results of the Russian Revolution?

One result of the Russian Revolution of 1905 was the creation of the Duma, a democratically elected house of parliament and the issuance by Tsar Nicholas II of the October Manifesto, which promised greater freedoms of individual liberties. One result of the February Revolution of 1917 was the abdication of Tsar Nicholas II in favor of the Provisional Government. One result of the October Revolution of 1917 was the overthrow of the Provisional Government and the takeover of the country by Lenin and the Bolsheviks, later known as Communists.

Why did African Americans turn to the communist party of the US?

It promised economic equality for people no matter their race.