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many different physical features of Africa

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Q: Early exploration of Africa by Europeans was hindered by the?
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What are two Australian geographical features that hindered early exploration?

Western Plateau Great dividing range

Which was true about the early Europeans who colonized the Northeast?

their political and linguistic differences hindered their united opposition to the Europeans

Why early exploration and make missionary efforts in Africa were so dangerous?


What was the main goal of early Portuguese exploration along the coast of Africa?

The portuguese wanted to find gold along the coast of Africa

Why the Europeans and not the Asians set out to explore the new sea routes?

The history that most Europeans have of early Asian exploration is extremely limited. There is strong evidence that they did as much (and possibly more) exploration as Europeans have done over the same period of time. The sea routes though for Europeans would be different then we would expect most Asian groups to have done.

Why were europeans nations able to conquer large sections of Africa in the early 19th and 20th century?

Europeans possessed more advanced military technology.

When europeans colonized Africa in the 1800s what were colonial borders based on?

At that early point in the history of colonial Africa most borders were based on geographical features, primarily rivers.

What early pioneer of exploration sponsored ships to travel the coasts of Africa?

Prince Henry sponsored the expeditions.

Where did the early Europeans settle in the US?

the early europeans settled is the east coast

What factors hindered early connections between early river valley civilizations?

Physical geography and fear of the unknown.

Why did Europeans only control a small portion of Africa in the early 1800s?

The maxim gun,invented in1884, was the world's first automatic machine gun

Why did exploration begin?

The Age of Exploration began in the early 15th century