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The land of Europe and Asia together is sometimes called

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Q: Europe and Asia are sometimes called what?
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What is joint word for two continents?

If you mean the combination of Europe and Asia, it is sometimes called Eurasia.

Why are the continent of Europe and Asia sometimes referred to as Europe Asia?

they are connected to each other - by land

What is Asia connected to the same land mass as Europe these 2 continents together are sometimes called what?


What is Europe and Asia together called?


What is sometimes called eurasia?

The continents Europe and Asia. They are called Eurasia because they are ion the same piece of land, called Eurasia. HOPE IT HELPED.

Because Asia is connected to the same land mass as Europe these two contintents together are sometimes called what?


Which continent lies to east of Europe?

The continent which lies to east of europe is asia

What spices did Asia trade to Europe?

Europe didn't trade spices to Asia, Asia traded spices to Europe. Europe sometimes gave Asia cloth or food and water for asia's spices. Some of the spices were even sometimes gold and valuble rocks.

Is japan a part of western Europe?

No it is not.Because it is in tokyo.and my name is Caitlyn Bray.Im nise happy people in the world.Tokyo is the capital of the Country of Japan, and Japan is in the eastern part of the continent of Asia, which is located to the east of Europe.

Why was it easy for the Europeans to trade with Asia?

There were some historical periods when it was really not that easy for Europeans to trade with Asia, but it was at least possible to do so, because of trade routes which went from Asia, through Afghanistan, to Europe. Europe and Asia form a single land mass, sometimes called Eurasia, so no shipping is actually required to travel from Asia to Europe.

What is the name of Europe and Asia when they are one continent?

Eurasia is the name given to the land mass formed by the continents of Europe and Asia.

What is the names of each continent?

The continents are: Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Europe, North America, Australia (Oceania), and South America.