Expedition of Saavedra

Updated: 4/28/2022
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expedition gud

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Q: Expedition of Saavedra
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What is the result of saavedra's expedition?

The result of Saavedra's expedition was the first crossing of the Pacific ocean and the discovery of New Spain. New Spain is now called Mexico.

What is the reason why Saavedra expedition Failed?

The Saavedra expedition failed due to a combination of factors, including navigational errors, harsh weather conditions, and a lack of adequate provisions. Additionally, disputes among the crew and conflicts with indigenous peoples also contributed to the expedition's failure.

What other expeditions were sent by Spain after Magellan's expedition?

After Magellan's expedition, King Charles I of Spain decided to launch several other expeditions to foreign lands. These included the Jofre de Loaisa Expedition to Urdaneta, the Alvaro de Saavedra Expedition, and the highly unsuccessful Ruy Lopez de Villalobos Expedition. The only successful expedition was the colonization of the Philippines by Miguel Lopez de Legazpi.

What is the birth name of Manola Saavedra?

Manola Saavedra's birth name is Manuela Saavedra.

What is the birth name of Chris Saavedra?

Chris Saavedra's birth name is Christopher Alan Saavedra.

What is the birth name of Cisco Saavedra?

Cisco Saavedra's birth name is Francisco Luis Saavedra.

What is the birth name of Catalina Saavedra?

Catalina Saavedra's birth name is Catalina Saavedra Prez.

What happened at García de Loaisa's expedition?

kung ano ang nangyari sa babagan Garcia jofre de loaisa at Alvaro de saavedra

What is the birth name of Consuelo Saavedra?

Consuelo Saavedra's birth name is Mara Consuelo Saavedra Flrez.

What is the birth name of Francisca Saavedra?

Francisca Saavedra's birth name is Francisca Saavedra von Dessauer.

What does the name Saavedra mean?

the last name 'saavedra' means 'old hall', my name is Gabriel Saavedra

When was Bautista Saavedra born?

Bautista Saavedra was born in 1870.