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Agricultural Revolution--- People Learned how to grow crops

Classical Europe--- Developing of modern democracy

ancient Egypt--- developing of classical culture and inventions, achievements (i.e. system of writing, farming, astronomy, political domination, etc )

Qin Dynasty--- First emperor in China (Qin Shi Huang) later on China developed many advanced and incredible technology, architecture, and literature of the ancient world built on the first empire

Renaissance--- Huge and dramatic changes occurred in literature and technology such as inventions like Italian black gunpowder and artists such as Leonardo and Michelangelo

Age Of Discovery--- When Columbus discovered the "New World", thousands of conquistadors and explorers explored and claimed land for their home country. This leads to the ultimate development of modern countries such as the US, Canada and Brazil, while also leading to the fall of the Aztecs and Incas

World War II--- The most deadliest event in human history: millions were killed in the Holocaust, Axis powers nearly conquered the whole world, the US, USSR, UK, France, China, fought the bloody battle against the Axis: Nazi Germany, Empire of Japan, Italy, Spain, and other countries struggling for world domination through treacherous actions

The Cold War--- The struggle between Democracy and Communisim began. It was a feared period of time when it looks as if the Soviets or Allies might drop nuclear bombs at any moment.

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the war of the roses Princess Diana died the titanic sank when computers were made when telephones were made when phone boxes were made when light bulbs were invented the first test tube baby

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Q: Famous things that happened in history?
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