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According to this site, the "Father of Faith Missions" in China was Hudson Taylor.

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Q: Father of faith missions of china?
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Why did Marco polo went to china?

Marco left Venice Italy with his merchant father and uncle to trade with China. He was 17 at the time and it took the party 4 years to reach China.

Who is the most famous leader in China's history?

The most famous leader in China's history is Mao Zedong. This person is the most famous because he was the founding father of the People's Republic of China.

Hua Mulan a legendary female hero in ancient China had to dress up as a man to enlist in the army to take the place of her aging father But today an increasing number of women in China are enteri?

The United Nations set a goal for China that women would hold 30% of political positions; this goal has not been met.

What was the Heavenly Emperor in China in the 600's?

In the 600's, China was dominated by Wendi, the founding father of Sui Dynasty (581-618 AD). The birth name of Wendi is Yang Jian. His period of reign is between the year of 581 and 604.

Why were Japanese missions to tang china so important?

Because this whole nation has been influenced by China since they sent their missions to Tang dynasty. They introduced Chinese and Buddhist philosophy to Japan; they studied Chinese language and writings and combined them with their own language; Japanese architectures (include the palaces) were just copies of Tang's architectures (not the ones you see in today's China, they are mostly from Ming and Qing dynasty); some technology and crafts were also brought to Japan... so many things. If you have been to Japan, Korea, and Vietnam, and you know Eastern Asian culture well, you would realized that they have so many similarities. Today, Chinese characters are still used in formals, and the way Japanese call their government deparments and local governments are actually same as Tang dynasty's.

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Is Hudson Taylor the father of modern missions?

Generally, it is said that William Carey (1761-1834), a Baptist missionary to India, is the "Father of Modern Protestant Missions." There are reasons why many people give him this title, it is still a matter of preference. Hudson Taylor was certainly a visionary and innovator. If one wanted to give him a title, one might choose "Father of the Inland Missions Movement" or the "Father of Faith-based Missions."

Did Father Junipero Serra win any awards?

Yes Junipero serra won few awards for his help and missions for the catholic faith.

Why was father serra called the father of the missions?

He created the missions in Califorina

What did the fathers do at the missions?

they taught the Catholic faith

Who is the father of the California missions?

Blessed Junipero Serra is the father of California missions.

How much missions did father serra build?

father serra built i think 9 missions.

How many many missions did Father Serra find?

9 missions!

Why was William Carey considered a father of modern missions?

he did the most missions

What started the missions?

father juipero serria started the California missions

Who were father serra and father lasuen?

founders of the California missions

Why is father Serra father of the missions?

i guess because he found them

What were the reasons father Sarah established the California missions?

To fight other missions