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Q: Give a brief description of the British Empire and how it was built?
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What would happen if the British hadn't built an empire?

we would be invaded

What are examples of how an empire is built?

An empire is built on an ideology, and this ideology requires fundamentals to thrive. An empire needs vast territories, land, a powerful, big army, and adequate supply lines for resources and commodities to survive as such. Examples of how an empire is built include the US, the British Empire, or the Greek/Roman Empire.

What enabled the British to build a large empire?

the british empire was built over a long course of time,when the british wealthy enough they sent out men like James cook to concor lands like Australia and America,so in summary many explorers, rich back grounds and violence enabled the british to get a large empire.

Which European colonial power took control of Malaya and built the port at Singapore?

During World War II, Singapore was occupied by the Japanese Empire. After the war, the British Empire took control of Malaya and built the port at Singapore.

Who built the largest empire the world have ever seen?

The Mongol Empire of Genghis Khan conquered 8,000,000 square miles and it was the largest within one's lifetime.The British Empire conquered 14.2 million square miles and it was the largest according to land space without regarding to life span.

How was the Aztec empire built?

The empire was built with very hard stone.

What was the largest empire called that rome built?

Rome only built one empire and it was the Roman empire.

What empire before Alexander the Great was the largest?

Alexander the Great had the largest Greek empire ever created, but it was not bigger than some Empires that were built later, such as the Roman or British ones.

Which dynasty built India's first empire?

Mauryan is the dynasty that built India's first empire.

Which dynasty built indias first great empire?

The Mauryan dynasty built India's first great empire.

Who built a hue empire centered in Peru?

who built a huge empire centered in Peru

Who built a global empire by 1800s?

AnswerThe world's biggest empire in 1914 was the British Empire which covered virtually every timezone of the globe and contained a quarter of its population.