Give an example of a mammal?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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* cat * dog * horse * leopard * kangaroo * elephant * rhinoceros * lion * mouse * rabbit * koala * possum

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Q: Give an example of a mammal?
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Is a dolphin a mammal and what is a mammal?

Yes, a dolphin is a mammal. A mammal is an animal that can regulate their body temperature and give birth to live young. For example, we Humans are mammals

Give example for the same pronounce but different meaning?

Sure! A common example is "bat," which can refer to a flying mammal or a piece of sports equipment used in baseball.

Is there a mammal female that does not give milk?

No to be a mammal you have to give live birth. If they live birth they have to give milk.

Example of mammal?


What do all mammals give?

The answer is "all mammals give birth to live young". Though today we know that is not entirely true. For example, the platypus is a mammal and it lays eggs.

Are cats in the mammal class?

yes cat are in the mammal catogory they give birth to living kittins and give milk to their young. :)

Is a woodmouse a mammal?

Yes- they give live birth to their babies and nurse them with milk. That is a mammal.

What is an example of a warm blooded animal?

a mammal

What is an example of insect eating mammal?


Does an antarctic fox give milk to it babies?

Yes, the Antarctic fox does give milk. A fox is a mammal, and in order to be classified as a mammal, the organism must give milk to it's offspring.

What characteristic is used to classify a mammal as a placentasl mammal?

they give birth to live young and produce milk

Do earthworms give birth or lay eggs?

Earthworm give birth and it is a mammal