Granville T Woods

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Granville T. Woods was an African-American inventor from Columbus, Ohio. His inventions include the egg incubator and some railroad technologies.

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Q: Granville T Woods
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What was Granville T Woods accomplishments?

Granville T. Woods accomplishments was to be a better inventor.

When did Granville T Woods born?

Granville T Woods was born in Columbus in April 23,1856.

What was Granville woods hardships?

what were some of granville t woods hard ships

What was granville t woods first job?

granville t woods first job was being a black smith

Who were Granville Woods' parents?

Granville T Woods' parent's names were Tailer and Martha Woods.

Who is Granville T Woods married to?

Lorretta Woods

Did granville y woods have a wife?

who is that u maen granville t woods yes he had kids

What year did granville woods invent the transmitter?

what year did Granville T. Woods invent the transmitter

Who were Granville T Woods' parents?

Tailer and Martha Woods

Was granville t woods marrid?

Yes, to Loretta Woods

What was Granville t woods hobbies?


Who invented telegraphony?

Granville T. Woods