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One word would be peers. Another would be your social class, or caste.

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Q: Group of people who share a similar position in society?
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What is a group of people that occupy a rank or a level in society?

group of people that ocuppies a rank or level in society

What is the best description of a status?

An individual's position in the structure of a group or society

Who does marginilization effect?

Marginalization is an unimportant or powerless position within a society or group.

What is different between social group and society?

The question is, what s different between a social group and society, well its plain to see that a society is a BIG group of people as if a social group is as it says, a small group

What is an example of society?

There isn't one.

What is ranking?

Ranking is listing in order of importance or size.

What is group of people forming a community called?


Define the concept of society?

Society refers to a group of individuals living together in a community, sharing norms, values, and behaviors. It involves social interactions, institutions, and structures that shape the way people relate to each other and coexist.

What is a group of people who share a common culture?

A group of people who share a common culture are typically referred to as an ethnic group or a cultural community. They have similar beliefs, traditions, language, and shared experiences that bind them together.

What is a group of people with common practices activities and interests?

A society

What is definition of the term society?

A group of humans, usually numbering in the millions. They are ordered by similar laws, governments, languages, and so on. An example is 'western society', or Asian society. Can also refer to a club or social group which gathers together for a specific purpose.

What does dominant group mean?

A dominant group are a group of people in a society with greater power,privileges and social status