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Under the Estates System/Structure, which social group had the highest status in French Society

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Q: Under the Estates SystemStructure which social group had the highest status in French Society?
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Did the estates exist after the French Revolution?

No. The revolution created a classless society (In theory at least).

Who were the french revolting against?

The lower class of the French society, known as the estates-general revolted against the upper-class French nobility.

Which estates formed the largest and poorest class in French society?

It was the third estate which is also the commoners.

How was the french society in the 18th century?

the french society was divided into 3 parts the 1st 2nd and 3rd estate .the first and the second estates didn't had to pay taxes the third had to.................

What role did the estates general play in triggering the french revolution?

The society was classified into 3 estates. 1st and 2nd estates were rich . 2nd estate people were loyal to King. the 3rd estate contained the poor like Merchants, cobbler's etc.,

How did the ancient regime divide up french society?

It's often described as three Estates: nobility, clergy, and everyone else.

What do the divisions between the three estates reflect about the French society?

that there were many different levels of people. this shows how much money people had and how wealthy they were.

How was french society divided hierarchically in the old regime?

the french society in the old regime was divided into three they were the ; *clergy as first estate *nobles as second estate *commoners as third estate

What was the third esates in freach society?

The French Estates - General consisted of representatives of three estates: 1) Clergy 2) Nobility 3) The commoners. The third estate included all the professional, commercial and middle-class groups of the country.

What were the percentages of the 3 estates of French Society just before the Revolution?

Just before the French revolution, the 3 estates of French society were the first estate made up of the Clergy, the second estate made up of nobles and the third estate made up of the peasants. During this time, the first estate made up 0.5% of the population, the second estate made up 1.5% and the third estate made up the remaining 98%.

What is the estates general?

The Estates-General (or States-General) of 1789 (French: Les États-Généraux de 1789) was the first meeting since 1614 of the French Estates-General, a general assembly consisting of representatives from all but the poorest segment of the French citizenry. The independence from the Crown which it displayed paved the way for the French Revolution.

Who benefited from the french revolution?

The 1st and 2nd estates