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Only since 508 when Clovis established the Kingdom of the Franks. In Roman times the chief city of Gaul was Lugdunum (Lyon).

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Paris has been the capital of France since 508 A.D. Clovis was King of the Franks at the time. During the roman times, Lyon was the capital of France, then named the Gaul.

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Paris became Frances capital in 506-508 and again in the 11 hundreds

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Q: Has Paris always been the capital of France?
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Is Paris a city or a state or a country?

Paris is a city for what i have been told.

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It was not acquired. It is the area surrounding the French capital, Paris. It has always been part of France, since Roman times when France was called Gaul. Note that the Ile de France is not an island, but a region of continental France.

How long has Paris been a nation?

Paris has never been a nation. It is the capital city of the nation of France, and has been since the death of Clovis I on 27 November 511.

Why is Paris located where it is?

People have lived on the site where Paris is located for thousands of years. One reason is the river that runs through the city. Today and in the past water has always been important for drinking, fishing, and shipping/movement. There layers of the past under the modern city and under Paris are caves and miles of tunnels. These have been used to hide things, bury the dead, and to move people through the tunnels.

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Paris is the capital city of France and French is its official language. French has been spoken in Paris and throughout France for centuries, dating back to medieval times. It became the dominant language in Paris due to historical, cultural, and political factors.

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Paris is a city - the capitol of France and as such has never been independent of France.

What is the royal capital of France?

Paris has been the capital of France from the time of Clovis who choose Paris as his capital circa 500 AD. France was created truly then. Previously it used to be called the Gauls and the power Center was in the Mountain of Auvergne, central France, where Vercingetorix, Julius Caesar,' unsuccessful opponent came from. The Avernii were still powerful when Clovis, a Frankish chief, took over the Gauls. But there was no capital as we know it now. but King Louis XIV then moved the royal court permanently to Versailles in 1682. In 1799, Napoleon's coup d'etat established him as first consul, later he became emperor, and his capital was again Paris.

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