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Biography and History are two relevant subjects of your life how can one define the differences between both ,having a question since the long ,did the hen first born or egg?,any one could not define until seeking the answer,but it is not a difficult matter to define for any one.

It is too strange that History and Biography start together ,how and when,for this you will have to believe by being one mind without keeping difference religion or nation.Each religion each nation accept this thing to come on the first man and first woman from sky named ADAM AND HAWA they are tow first persons appeared on the earth from sky what is the reason to send them on earth from sky it is too long subject,because to understand this we will have to go to preliminary past,which is not necessary for your answer.

Your answer what differences between history and biography,have both differences between,yes both have differences between like differences between earth and sky,because history is related to any thing human,animal,places or others,on the other hands biography is related only human neither animal nor any palce.

Biography relates to any person and starts with the birth of a person,biography could be only for a person starts since the person born,consisting on special feature of person,profession,skills,education,career,and so on.

History related to any thing,any person,any place, starts since the world is created consisting on special feature on any thing location,reason,causes.

History starts when two first person are sent to earth from sky ,whereas biography starts the birth of first two person they are sent to earth side from sky,by keeping belief in this reality seems to same period, show the history and biography at same time.

History starts since the world starts and biography starts since the birth starts many difference are found between both.

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Biography is the story of one specific person's life.

History is the story of everyones lives and how they interact over all periods of time.

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Q: Have the biography and history difference between?
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