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King Henry (VIII) wanted to divorce his first wife, Catherine of Aragon.

He applied to the Pope in Rome. The Pope would not annul ther marriage. Basically, Henry said that no one outside England was going to tell him what to do in England, because he was King.

So he broke away from the Roman Catholic Church (the Pope), and reformed the Roman Catholic Church that was in England, into the modern Anglican Communion. It is known as the 'Reformation'.

NB When you see pictures of King Henry, and knowing his actions from history , he comes accross as a very Autocratic person.

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Broke England's ties with the Catholic church.

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Q: Henry VIII aided the entrance of protestant beliefs into England when he?
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Who was England's leader during the Protestant Reformation?

henry vlll

When Henry broke away from Rome did it make England more or or less Protestant?

King Henry the eighth, placed himself at the head of the Protestant religion, and Protestism became the state religion of England.

Who declared England a protestant country during the reformation?

Henry VIII .

What king of England made his country a protestant nation?

Henry the Eighth.

Who initiated the Protestant Reformation in england?

Martin Luther

Who started the Protestant Reformation in England who had 6 wives?

henry VIII!

What happened to religion in England after Henry VIII made it protestant?

la la la

The Story of King Henry vlll?

After the death of his brother, Arthur, Henry Tudor became Henry VIII, king of England. He was famous for his role in the English Reformation, converting England into a Protestant nation.

What was the change for christians when Henry 8th built the Church of England?

Every Catholic had to become a Protestant!

Why did the protestant reformation come to England?

Henry VIII did a great job of preventing the Protestant Reformation from having any great affect on England - until he needed a divorce. When the Catholic Church refused to grant Henry VIII a divorce, he decided to make his own version of Christianity, where he made the rules. Henry VIII started the Anglican / Church of England, where Henry VIII was the head of the church (much like the Pope). Henry VIII gave himself permission to divorce and ordered all his subjects to become Protestant.

How did Henry viii make England protestant?

Anglican Catholic Answer!Henry didn't of course turn England protestant or turn protestant himself.What Henry did, for whatever reason, was to query the right of the papacy to interfere in another bishop's see! Pointing out that whoever did so contravened the Canons of Nicea and broke the basic rules of the Church!To adhere to the rules of the Ecumenical Councils is not to become protestant, to abandon the teaching of the Church is to become a heretic! Henry abandoned no rules or teaching!

What was the religion that King Henry VIII created?

The Protestant Church of England. He created it so that he could divorce his wives