History of hitlor

Updated: 4/28/2022
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what ever history he has the world id never going to forgive him for Ann Frank

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Q: History of hitlor
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What are facts about Hitlor?


What nationality was hitlor?


Is hitlor real?

Yes, he was a real person.

What was the complete name of hitlor?

adolf Hitler

How did aldof hitlor die?

He shot him self.

Who killed hitlor?

Hitler killed himself.

What are successes of denying the holocaust?

hitlor was removwd

What are the top three most significant historical events you studied in World History. Explain why you find each to be significant.?

Jesus being resurrected. hitlor coldwar

Who is the most famous person from Germany?

It is possibly Hitlor

Who was wrote the book mean camp?

Adolf Hitlor

The problems Winston Churchill had to overcome?

defeat hitlor

Was Hitlor hero of land zero on sea?

Yeah, he is right