How many nations in history?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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what do you mean history ?? what do you mean history ??

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Q: How many nations in history?
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How Many United Nations Secretary-General have there been?

8 so far in the organizations history.

Where was homosexuality first made legal?

There have been many nations throughout history where homosexual conduct was not illegal.

Who was the best hero of Canada?

Louis Riel because studying his history and the very many different views of him shows Canada to be a Confederation of many Nations, each with many cultures and each with their own history and vision of the future.

What is Italy's history in the United Nations?

im not sure

How many presidents have there been in u.s nations history?

As of Barack Obama, there have been 44, though Grover Cleveland was President twice.

What genre was the 1995 TV series 500 Nations?


Which countries do not have historic African history?

Likely nations that are not in Africa.

What benefits do you get by history?

The benefits of studying history are tremendous. This idea can be summarized as follows: * It's important to study history in order to avoid mistakes made by nations and world leaders in the past; and * History can reveal how and why current events were many times based on historical events.

What was the cause of the nations growth?

U.S. History GP: Natural Resources

How many nations are in antarctica?

There are no nations in Antarctica.

How many nations were in the League of Nations?


As of 2001 the United Nations had how many member nations.?

There were 189 member nations