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Updated: 4/28/2022
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Supertramp were started when a Dutch millionare rock fan called Stanley August Miesegaes wanted to start a rock band. He offer to finance singer, pianist, and ex-drummer Rick Davies to form a group, and they recruited a singer named Roger Hodgson, as well as several other personell such as Richard Palmer. Their fist two albums were flops, all but Davies and Hodgson quit, and Miesegaes withdrew his backing. With no financial support or fan base, they were forced to develop a more commercial sound, resulting in the album 'Crime Of The Century'.They released sucessful albums through the seventies, notably 'Breakfast In America'. 1982's 'Famous Last Words', was sucessful, but after that the hits stopped coming and Roger Hodgson left for a solo career in 1983. They still continue to record albums occasionally, but no longer attract massive commercial success. Wikipedia has a complete article on Supertramp.

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Q: History of supertramp
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Supertramp was created in 1969.

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Supertramp is from Great Britain.

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I don't have the numbers, but, the most commercial album was definitely "Breakfast in America". It was the album that got Supertramp the great American attention. But, as a die-hard Supertramp fan, it was not their greatest album...that would have to be "Crime of the Century".

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