History of the Ahmad shah masood?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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He was not such a big hero that now his supporters projecting him. They are trying to show that he was the only one to force Soviets withdraw from Afghanistan otherwise Afghan nation would still have been living under slavery rule of communist era. But the fact is something else, there were very brave mujahideen in Afghanistan who really fought and resisted Soviet invader and their Afghan communist supporters but no one is giving their name because they were real enemies of communism and global arrogance. Massoud was the one that warned other jihadi commanders along the way to Hairatan not to fire only a single shot against Soviet troops while they are leaving Afghanistan and if he didn't do it, they would have also faced the fate of British invaders in firts Afghan- Anglo war as only one of them ( Dr Briden) from a 12,000 army managed to escape while he was injured to Garrison city of Jalalabad. This is the one whom people claiming to be the national hero, the one who spreaded enemity and hostility between different AFghan ethnic groups soon after he came to kabul with the help of Parcham party of Afghanistan under Dostum. He has very rudely joined Dostum , the one who have martyred thousands of Mujahideen and other people for being Muslim during Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

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Q: History of the Ahmad shah masood?
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