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Enlightenment (Religion was translated from Latin to various languages so that all could read the word)

Mini 'Ice age' (1400-1850)

Cascadia Earthquake (1700)Magnitude 9 in the Pacific Northwest causeda tsunami that hit Japan

England and Scotland ('07) pass 'Act of Union' creating Kingdom of Great Britain

Mount Fuji (1707) erupts in Japan

Famine (1708-'09) kill's 1/3 of East Prussia'spopulation (caused by Peter the Great to control the peasants)

Great Frost (1709) coldest winter in over 500 years

New Orlean's (1718) founded by the French

The Pirate 'Black Beard' is killed (1718) off of North Carolina

Great Plague of Marseille (1720-'21) Bubonic Plague kills 100,000 in France

Russia becomes the dominant power ('21)which was Sweden

Drapier's Letters (1722-'25) start the Irish independent movement from England

Anglo-Spanish War (1727-'29)

First Great awakening (1730-'60) Religion comes to the masses

Famine (1738-'56) across 'Sahel' 1/2 the population of 'Timbuktu' die

Eminenti Apostolatus Specula (1738) Pope Clement XII prohibits Catholic's from becoming 'Freemason's'

Famine (1740-'41) in Ireland kills 10% of the population

Immensa Pastorum Principis (1741) issued by Pope Benedict XIV against Slavery

Peak of the Mini Ice Age (1750)

French and Indian War (1754-'63) 'North American' chapter of the 7yr war between France and England

Seven Year's War (1756-'63) fought among the European powers

King George III (1760) becomes King of Britain

Stamp Act (1765) introduced to the American Colonies

Famine (1770-'71) kills hundred's of thousand's in the Czech Republic

Plague Riot (1771) in Moscow

First Water powered Mill (1771) is built in Cromford England by Richard Arkwright

East India 'Tea' Company (1773) start's operation's to smuggle Opium to China (England's attempt to control the Chinese)

American Revolution (1770-1783)

Illuminati (1776) founded by Adam Weishaupt, freethinkers like the freemason's only they were desists.

Declaration of Independence (July 4th, 1776) Penned and sent to King George III

Los Angeles founded (1781) by Spanish settlers

Treaty of Paris (1783) Formally end's the American Revolution

Northwest Indian War's (1785-'95) United States against Native American's

U. S. Constitution(1787) worked on, agreed to and written in Philadelphia.

U.S. Constitution Ratified (1788) New Hampshire is the ninth state to ratify the Constitution making it offical

French Revolution (1789-'99)

New York Stock Exchange founded (1792)

Largest Yellow Fever epidemic (1793) in American history kills 5,000 in Philadelphia, first known black doctor (Richard Allen) in America help to cure fellow American's

Jay's Treaty (1794) between U.S. and Britain gives the Great Lakes outpost's to the U.S. and open's trade between the two countries.

Pinckney's Treaty (1795) Between United States and Spain gives U.S. Mississippi Territory

First Smallpox Vaccination (1796) administered by Edward Jenner starting the end of the 400,000 Europeans that died each year of the 1700's

Irish Rebellion (1798) Failed to remove British rule in Ireland

This doesn't even include the inventions of the time. This the 18th century started what is known as the 5000 year 'leap'

Some of these inventions and discoveries, not all by far, are: the Piano, tuning fork, steam engine, diving bell, rubber, steel, lightning rod, the spinning Jenny (started the industrial revolution), Nitrous Oxide, Oxygen, Steamboat, Circular saw, Photosynthesis, Bifocals, oil lamp, power loom and many many more...

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A lot of things were happening in the 1700 hundreds. The Americans were going through a revolution and the french were going through a revolution.

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Q: History things that happened in the 1700s?
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