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Hooray for you!

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Q: Hooray to you or hooray for you which one is right English?
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What is 'Hooray' when translated from English to Italian?

Evviva! is just one Italian equivalent of the English word "Yay!"Specifically, the word is an exclamatory interjection of approval or enthusiasm. It is formed by combining the conjunction e ("and") and the imperative viva ("Long live..."). The pronunciation will be "ev-VEE-va" in Italian.

How do you spell hurrah?

There are sound-alike terms.yea - alternative word for yes (not in common use except in voting)It is correctly spelled "Yea" but, nowadays people use the word yea for yeah.Yay! - an exclamation of excitement or joy

What was Roosevelt's reaction to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor?

Hooray, war with Germany finally! Or did you mean the official one?

How do you start as munchlax on Pokemon mystery dungeon blue rescue team?

I don't think you can :0( but you can be one on explorers of time!! Hooray!

Is it better to be nice and give you rares to others or be rich and keep your rares for animal jam?

Well, give your rare of course! That way everybody gets chances to keep rares, plus people will appreciate it and be friends with you! Everybody give rares even if you were given one! Then everybody will get chances for rares and it is not great to keep them. I gave a butterfly wing a pink one to the fashion show winner and my heart lock to somebody on their birthday. Let us celebrate for the rare item pass on! Hooray! Hooray! Hip hip hooray!

What is the name given to all the organisms of one species?

The Phylum is the name given to all of the organisms of one species. hooray for complete sentences :)!!

5 Which Disney movie features the song Hakuna Mattata?

Lion King (one of my favorites) features the song Hakuna Matata. Hooray for Disney!

How many medales did kim yu-na got?

So far, of what I've heard of, one, shiny, gold Vancouver Medal.(Hooray for South Korea!):):):)

Why does the yahoo logo have exclamation point?

Good question, but perhaps because the word itself is an exclamation - like Yippee! Hooray!, etc. Yahoo! is essentially the same as those two, and perhaps it is meant to mean great, wonderful, fantastic - one is excited to use it (me don't think so!). So just think......... we could have had Yippee! Mail, or Hooray! Mail.

What was the name of the song played in the scavenger hunt episode of Viva La Bam in season one when The Bloodhound Gang pulled in the driveway?

That song is called: Mope. Its from the Bloodhound Gangs album "Hooray for Boobies"

When is the webkinz corgi coming out?

it is suppose to come out in Novemberhip hip hooray, hip hip hoorayYES, IT WAS SUPPOSTED TO COME OUT IN NOVEMBER OF 2008!!!! BUT IT DIDN'TI WAS SO SAD...... BUT I THINK THEY WILL MAKE ONE...SOME DAY!!!! (LET'S HOPE)

How many albums did the bloodhound gang release?

4 Use Your Fingers (1995) One Fierce Beer Coaster (1996) Hooray For Boobies (2000) Hefty Fine (2005) Now they're workin' on new album for 2011!