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It was continental Europeans.

The Saxons, Jutes, and Angles were seen as one. That one was know as the "Saxons". That created a problem for the continental Europeans due to the fact that not all of the Saxons immigrated to England. There were also the German Saxons. There were two of them. Identical.

So to distinguish them, the Europeans started to call the English by the name of the 2nd largest tribe, the "Angles". (The German Saxons were 100% Saxons, while the English were multi-tribal).

The Scots, the Irish & the Welsh did not encounter the German Saxons. They only had to deal with the English. So no one to compare the English with, which is the reason they still call the English today as the "Saxons" in their own language.

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Q: Why was England named after the Angles and not the Saxons?
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