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The terrible tudors password is mould

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Q: Horrible histories terrible treasures cheats terrible Tudors?
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What is the password for the horrible histories game the terrible tudors?


Where is the wee bowl on horrible histories terrible treasure game terrible Tudors?


What are all the codes in Horrible Histories Terrible Treasures?

Tudors code: MOULD Egyptians code: FOOT Romans code: PIE Middle ages code: FISH

What are the horrible histories passwords terrible tresures?

Egyptians: foot Tudors: mould

Cbbc horrible histories terrible treasures codes?

for the tudors its cake for the romans its pie and for the egyptians its foot. i dont know the middle ages yet as i havent played it yet.

Cbbc horrible histories terrible treasures passwords?

awful egyptions = foot terrible tudors = mould romans= pie measly middle ages = fish THEY ARE All correct And for the last game the code is=1200

What are all the passwords to the horrible histories terrible treasures game?

The passwords are......... The Awful Egyptians = Foot The Terrible Tudors = Mould The Rotten Romans = Pie and The Measly Middle Ages = Fish hope this helped you thanks, Wizkids1234 Xx

How do you play the leeches game on horrible histories game terrible Tudors?

All you have to do is go into the terrible tudors place then you should see a sign there and its called DR.QUACK Click in there

Where is the pig marrow on horrible histories terrible tudors treasure game?

At The Meat Stall,Next To Mary

What are all the password's in Horrible Histories terrible treasures?

The Awful Egyptians password is Foot The Terrible Tudors password is Mould The Rotten Romans password is Pie and The Measly Middle Ages password is Fish hope this helped everyone dani99247 xx

Where are the map pieces on horrible histories terrible treasures game terrible Tudors?

there's one in the wee bowlone in the game of the leechesone if you talk to the ladyone in the rotten fruit gameone in the grave stone of William Shakespeareand one in the OH YEA magazine

Where are the worms on Horrible Histories Terrible Treasures Tudors?

In the market where the sports are (the tennis rackets) click on that and there is a bowl in the with string things, move ur mouse over it and she an eye, then click on it and go back to Mary to deliver the worms.