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Britain ruled India for many years. This started when they found that India was a goldmine for tea. They began the East India Company from there. Through the years, Britain introduced tea, cricket, and commercial enterprise to the country.

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2014-11-20 05:36:32
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Q: How British influence India?
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The tribes of India who fought against the british?

influence of british raj on tribals in India

What is a sentence for ancient India?

Ancient India was not democratic. It was under the influence of the British.

What was one effect of European trade in Southeast Asia?

1) The British colonized India. 2) India was under British rule for over 50 years. 3)The influence of Western ideas apex: the influence of western ideas or brought Christianity to Asia

What led the British government to take control of India?

The British took over India because there sphere of influence of trade was threatened ny the government.

What was the importance of Mohandas Gandhi's influence on freeing India from British rule?


What was not a positive influence of the british in India?

Indians grew cotton instead of food

Why was the british east India company able ti to influence parliament to change the laws?


How did Britain influence India?

Britain did not influence india.

Why did British came to india?

Trade, influence and a strong competitive position against other imperial nations.

What influence does this have on the arts of India?

The arts of India are influenced by traditional culture and history. They are also influenced by the occupation of the British and the cultural fusion that took place.

Why is cricket India's favourite sport?

It is likely that the popularity of cricket in India is linked to the strong influence of the British in Indian history. Cricket was brought to India by the British in the mid 1700s, at the time when when Britain was colonising other continents in order to build its own empire. Many cultural reminders of the British influence remain even today: cricket is one of them. It should be noted that hockey was also brought to India by the British and, while not as popular as cricket, it is the nation's national sport.

How did Abraham Lincoln influence India?

He did not influence India directly.

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