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Historians and detectives both record events from the past and find out, how,when,who did it and why it happened. They both go to the scene and collect evidence that could be useful and help them find out what happened.they both study the evidence up close for dna that could be useful to help find out the mystery or problem.

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Q: How are historians similar to detectives?
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How are historians like detectives?

Historians are like detectives because like detectives thy investigate to find there answers

How do scientists and historians differ in their work How are their jobs similar?

Scientists work on different stuff then historians do.

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How are historian like a detective?

Historians are like detectives because they both gather and analyze evidence to piece together a coherent narrative. Historians search for clues in primary sources such as documents and artifacts, just like detectives collect evidence at a crime scene. Both use critical thinking skills to construct a logical explanation for past events based on the information available to them.

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Private Detectives

historians have to be sure that a piece of evidence has statements that contain similar meanings. this is the test of?


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