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Members of European Parliament or MEPs

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Q: How are the people in the European parliament called?
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What is the Parliament of Europe called?

Europe does not have a parliament as such. Europe consists of over 50 countries, each of which has its own Parliament. There is an organisation called the European Union, which has 28 of Europe's countries as members. It has a parliament which is simply known as the European Parliament.

Who won in the European parliament elections?

The European People's Party (EPP) won with 265 seats.

When was European Parliament created?

European Parliament was created in 1952.

Who takes the decision of european union parliament?

the European union parliament decisions is taken jointly by the European parliament and council

What are three main institutions of the eu?

European Parliament Council of Ministers European Commission

Who is in charge of the European parliament?

The President of the European Parliament, currently Martin Shulz

Who is the controller of the European parliament?

Broadly, the citizens of the European Union control the European Parliament because their representatives in Parliament are ultimately accountable to them. Specifically, the President of European Parliament controls Parliament. The President is elected by the Parliament itself every 2.5 years and the current President is Martin Schulz.

What are people elected to parliament called?

they were called the cartenians

What are some of the most famous British people who work in European Parliament?

Some of the most famous British people who work in European parliament are Jeffrey Archer and Boris Johnson. These two guys were very popular and worked in these areas.

When was Leeds - European Parliament constituency - created?

Leeds - European Parliament constituency - was created in 1979.

When did Leeds - European Parliament constituency - end?

Leeds - European Parliament constituency - ended in 1999.

Who is present chairman of European Parliament?

The present Chairman of the European Parliament is Martin Schulz of Germany