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The Clergy, the Nobility, and the wealthy non nobles.

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Q: In 1302 King Phillip IV called together the first full French parliament called the estates general which classes of people made up these three Estates of France?
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Who was in the three estates of the old regime why was this system so unequal?

The three estates divided the social classes of Revolution Era France. There was an estate that had the wealth nobles, there was an estate that had church people in it, such as priests and bishops, and there was an estate that had the common people in it. It was unequal as the nobles lived comfortable lives in their palaces and the common people sometimes had to steal bread just to live.

What were the hope of each of the parties involved in the french revolution?

The king hoped the estates general would approve new taxes. The nobles and the clergy hoped they would control the affairs to continue their privileged lifestyles. The Middles classes hoped for an English style democracy. The peasants hoped for solutions to their problems. ~ Nicholas Bergosh

What was the name of the middle class of people in France?

The middle class people of France were known as the bourgeoisie. They represent the wealthiest social class, and are identifiable by their ownership of capital. In France, they represented the Third Estate, and were forced to shoulder the expenses of the first two estates prior to the French Revolution.

How was the French society divided before the revolution?

in an old feudal system called the "old regime". this system split the groups into three estates, or classes. The clergy of the catholic church made up the first one, nobles made up the second, and peasants were the third and lowest class. the lowest group contained the rich as well as the poor and only the last last estate i.e. the third one only paid the taxes and was highly discriminated from the other two estates.

Why did Louis XVI call the estate generals in 1789?

to discuss France's tax system

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Which country had social classes called Estates?


What countries a has classes called estates?

The term "estates" is most frequently applied to the class distinctions of the kingdom of France, beginning in the Middle Ages. Similar stratification occurred during the histories of Sweden and Finland.

How was the social security structure under France's ancien regime?

France was divided into one of three social classes or estates

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True or false in the 1700s the people were divided into six estates or classes?

In the 1700's they had Feudalism. This set it up into classes. Going from, peasant, to knight, to lord/Noble, to king/queen. :D hope that helped!

Did france system of estates violate the principles of equality?

Yes, it did, because the groups/estates were separated, and not treated equally. The people in the lower estates were not allowed the same jobs, privileges, etc. In fact, high-paying jobs were reserved for the nobility. This led the people in the lower estates to become poor, and not able to afford basic necessities such as food.

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How did the British middle and working classes respond to the political freedoms they saw in the United States?

don't get mad at me if i am wrong but i think its- they demanded representation in parliament...

Medieval society had three basic estates or social classes which of the below does not fit those who work those who fight those who dictate or those who pray?

those who dictate

Who was the french revolution between?

it was the 1st and 2nd estates that was aganst the 3rd estate. the 1st is the roman cathoic charch 2nd is the rich nobles 3rd is the social classes.

What are 2 social classes called in Rome?

There were three classes in Rome. The patricians were an aristocracy and owners of large landed estates. The Equites (equestrians, cavalrymen) were an entrepreneurial group: bankers, moneylenders, merchants and investors in shipping and mining. The plebeians were the poor.

How did the British middle and working classes respond to to the political freedoms they saw in the United states?

they demanded represantation in parliament