How big was napoleons army?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Napoleon's army was about 600,000 men before he invaded Russia. At the battle of Waterloo, he had a mere 60,000 men and got destroyed along with 220 of his approximate 240 artillery guns.

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Q: How big was napoleons army?
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Where napoleons grand army meet the Russian army?


What group did Ivan the Great force out of Russia?

Napoleons army?

How big was Napoleons empire?

it was really big. that's why hes famous

What were napoleons strength's?

Napoleons military streangth was the fact that he had such a strong army. He became leader of France due to all the war going on no one could stop him. Mainly because of his STRONG AND LARGE army

Napoleons military force was called?

Le grande armée (the Grand Army.)

What city marked the furthest advance made by napoleons army in 1812?


What was the strategy used by Russia to defeat Napoleons grand army?

scorch earth policy

What happened to Hitlers army and Napoleons when they invaded Russia?

They were both beaten by the Russian winter.

What country was not able to fight off Napoleons army and became part of the empire?


Why were napoleons allies able to defeat Napoleon?

Sometimes it is as simple as the better army wins.

What event led to napoleons failure to defeat russia?

Winter came and Napoleon's army was not prepared for it.

How was napoleons army defeated in 1815?

The Battle of Waterloo.