How can i discover myself?

Updated: 8/23/2023
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I discovered partially of myself just this summer while I was on summer vacation. I tried different things, thought positively of the people that I know and how they mad my life better. Adventure, try new things, and think through your life about what you've gone through.

I also wrote a list of who I wanted to be like. THAT'S THE KEY QUESTION HERE!

I wrote the qualities of what i wanted in my personality to form my future basis and how i would use my time in this world. I worte that I wanted to be a spunky, lively girl who's stubborn and never listens to anyone, but herself. So far I've accomplished that. What you need to do is to watch things that cheer you up and laugh. You pick up after that. Like, if i watched MoonPhase on YouTube. I'd pick up and act sort of like that the next few days. It depends on what you do with your life, how you want to live it, and who you want to be. Just give it a shot. It worked for me and to be honest, this felt natural. You should have seen me last year. It was a complete waste of life=1 year of my life wasted because I was in redemption and all i did was watch people while they had a life and i didn't now i do.

After this process, you should feel like it's coming naturally to you. If it doesn't then that just sucks. I guess you'll have to keep trying personalities. I did that, but it just jacked me up for a whole year. so i don't know...sorry...

i hope this helped you. =)

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* First, you need to learn how to be still and listen to what is going on inside your body. Meditation helps you learn to stop getting distracted and pay attention to your inner world. Most people spend a good part of their lives with thoughts bouncing all over their mind without any real awareness going on - it's a bit like spending your life in the middle of a party, with lots of noise and chatter going on, but without a lot of information. * Once you can focus your attention on your body and mind, learn to recognize your emotions. How do you feel when you are happy or sad or angry or frustrated or excited? Learn to know how your body reacts to different emotion and different situations. * When you can label your own emotion and understand how your body is reacting, you can then start to figure out what causes your emotion. This is the main way you learn about yourself. You can learn what sort of situations make you happy or fearful, and can even learn to change your emotion by changing the way you think. * Learning about yourself includes learning what makes you happy or proud - this is how people decide what jobs to learn, and what hobbies to take up, and what sorts of lives to lead. * If you are self-aware and can understand what is going on inside you, then you will be better able to function in the outside world.

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Q: How can i discover myself?
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