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they have fossils and pieces of the environment from the past inside of them

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The sedimentary rock,some contacted by fossils. You can know how old is the rocks.

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Q: How can sedimentary rocks show earth history?
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How do sedimentary rocks show the conditions of a place?

Sedimentary rocks show the conditions of a place by

How are sedimentary rocks important to human knowledge?

Sedimentary rocks are composed of layers, and show how layers have built up over time. Hope this helps!

Which type of rock is likely to show ripple marks and fossils?

Sedimentary rocks show fossils, because of pre-existing life forms. They also show ripple marks due to weathering and erosion...

How do magnetic stripes show Earth's history of magnetic fields?

As you move away from an ocean ridge, the rocks get older.

Where can you find a sedimentary rock?

Examples of sedimentary rock include:BauxiteLimestoneDolostoneBrecciaConglomerateShaleMudstoneBituminous CoalSandstoneHaliteGypsumChalkCoquinaLateriteArkoseGraywackeClaystoneSiltstoneChertTypes include clastic (cemented sediment particles), non-clastic (chemical precipitates or evaporites), and organic (from organisms, e.g. coal). Some will further divide sedimentary rocks into another type called bioclastic, rocks formed from clasts of organic matter (like sea shells).

What makes sedimentary rocks especially useful to scientists and historians?

Sedimentary rock are made of materials that could show what lived where. Also they are the only rock to hold fossils.

What are forming fossils?

Fossils are formed in sedimentary rocks, which has multiple layers to show the level of soil back then.

What are fossil formed in?

Fossils are formed in sedimentary rocks, which has multiple layers to show the level of soil back then.

Why do the lower levels of sedimentary rock on Earth show fossils of the simplest life forms?

The lower the level of a rock stratum, the older it is. Evolution is recorded in the sedimentary rock record, therefore, the simpler forms would show up in the oldest layers. The old life forms were usually very simple so the deeper down the sedimentary levels are, the older the fossils are their.

What do geologic maps show?

Geologic Maps show the arrangement and types of rocks at the Earth's surface.

Can igneous and sedimentary both form fossils?

Yes, both igneous and sedimentary rocks can preserve fossils. While sedimentary rocks are more commonly associated with fossil preservation due to their nature of forming from accumulated sediments, it is also possible for fossils to be preserved in igneous rocks when they are buried quickly by lava flows or volcanic ash.

Write the terms in the correct order in the flowchart to show how a clastic sedimentary rock forms?

Clastic sedimentary rock forms when fragments of preexisting rocks are compacted or cemented together. Organic sedimentary rock forms from the remains of plants or animals. Chemical sedimentary rock forms when minerals precipitate from a solution or settle from a suspension.