How can you be gothic?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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If you want to be gothic then you have to be dressed in all black, have your hair dyed black, and all that kind of stuff. It is just like being emo but without cutting yourself. I am both emo and gothic so I should know this kind of stuff. Trust me, if you want to be gothic then just take my advise.

I'm sorry but being Goth is more than just an image. While that is how it's presented there is more to it. And no I am not referring to Satanism. Goth originated with the belief of Carpe Nocterm. Which is Latin for Seize the Night. Goth is to embrace your fears and over come them. To live each day as your last. The style is to signify the death of your soul and being ready to enter the afterlife. Whatever it may be. I can't speak much on Emo but I can tell you that they are truly nothing alike. Sorry., goth people and emo people are alike. both sad, depressed, frustrated, have a love for music, and poetry. but gothic people dont cut themselves. they wear black. i like the first answer. it is all truth...and i also am both

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Q: How can you be gothic?
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