How did Clovis die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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He died from old age

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Q: How did Clovis die?
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When did Clovis I die?

Clovis I died in 511.

When did Clovis Renaison die?

Clovis Renaison died in 1989.

When did Clovis Hugues die?

Clovis Hugues died in 1907.

When did Clovis IV die?

Clovis IV died in 695.

When did Clovis III die?

Clovis III died in 676.

When did Pierre-Clovis Beauchesne die?

Pierre-Clovis Beauchesne died on 1918-10-10.

When did Clovis E. Byers die?

Clovis E. Byers died on 1973-12-13.

When did Pol Clovis Boël die?

Pol Clovis Boël died on 1941-07-13.

When did Clovis Trouille die?

Clovis Trouille died on September 24, 1975, in Paris, France.

When did Clovis-Thomas Richard die?

Clovis-Thomas Richard died on 1976-08-22.

When did Joseph-Clovis-Kemner Laflamme die?

Joseph-Clovis-Kemner Laflamme died on 1910-07-06.

Where is the Clovis Regional Library in Clovis located?

The address of the Clovis Regional Library is: 1155 Fifth St., Clovis, 93612 1391