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economic resource

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Q: How did England view its north America colonies?
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How did the British colonies view the French in North America in 1685?

because they just did!

What was England's view of colonies under mercantilism?

England viewed its North American colonies as an economic resource, colonies provided raw materials, made products out of it, and sold it back for a higher price go make a profit.

Which act gave the British Parliament the right to tax and make decisions for their colonies in all cases whatsoever?

how did england view its north american colonies

How did England view it's North American colonies?

As a way to make money through charter colonies and taxes. Also as a way for more power.

What did England bring to north America?

From the view of the native Americans, the colonists and their diseases were two bad things.

How did England view the colonies?

The colonies were viewed as a cash cow in the mercantile economy of England.

How did New England view the colonies?

They hated them and believed that they were commiting treason.

What Contributed heavily to the colonies' decision to go to war against England?

The British view that the colonies were to be used and exploited

What was the British view on Mercantilism?

England believed that the colonies were set up for the benefit of England all the products produced in the colonies should go to the mother country (England) were the products would then be sold back to the colonies for really high prices.

How did England view its North American coloines?

Economic resource

What paper pushed Jefferson into the public eye in England and the American colonies?

A Summary View of the Rights of British Americawas the name paper that pushed Jefferson into the public eye in England and the American colonies.

How did colonist feel about navigation acts?

how did england view it's north american armies