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I believe that he loved her. You see, Henry was married to Queen Katherine of Aragon for quite some time, and after several stillbirths and miscarriages, they had only one, living child, Princess Mary. Henry loved Princess Mary, but it was important to have a MALE heir, to be a strong successor. If he left his kingdom to Mary,he would have to find her a husband, probably from another country, and risk a war, which is not something that he wanted. So, he decided to think of a way to divorce Katherine, so that he could marry his latest mistress, Anne Boleyn. Katherine was first married to Henry's older brother, Arthur. However, shortly after their marriage, he died, and Katherine swore their marriage wasn't consumated, and she fell in love with Henry, and married him. However, Henry said that Katherine was lying, and used a verse from The Bible that said God doesn't want a man to marry his brother's wife. So, on those grounds, he divorced Katherine, claiming their marriage null and void. In that, he disowned Princess Mary, making her illegitimate. He then married Anne Boleyn. Quick note: Anne Boleyn was a lady-in-waiting to Katherine, which is how Henry met her. Anne didn't have a problem with Katherine, but she was in love with Henry, and therefore was willing to let him divorce Katherine to marry her. She meant no dis-respect or dishonor to her...and Anne Boleyn was the mother of Elizabeth 1. Henry claimed to love Elizabeth, and said that boys would surely follow. Anne, like Katherine, had miscarriages, the last to be presumed a boy. Henry was angry by then. So angry, that he had charges MADE UP against Anne, including incest with her own brother, and had her beheaded, when Elizabeth was only a toddler, he then made Elizabeth illegitimate. He had three more wives, who all loved Elizabeth and Mary, and occasionally invited them to court, especially his 3rd wife, Jane Seymour, who died of a childbirth fever after giving birth to his long-awaited son, Edward. However, his 6th and final wife, Catherine Parr, who invited them to pretty much live at court, and served as a true mother to them all, and truly reconciled Henry with them. Henry died, leaving his throne to Edward, who was 9, and died 6 years later of illness. According to Henry, the throne would next be passed to his eldest daughter, Mary, who's reign was short-lived and turbulent. She and her husband burned many Protestant martyrs, and she became known as "Bloody Mary." She died after 5 years on the throne, and then, according to Henry's will, Elizabeth was to take the throne. She reigned for 45-years. Her reign was called "The Golden Age," and she was considered by most, still today, to be England's greatest, most famous ruler. I imagine that Anne Boleyn, after being unjustly condemned to die, had her justice in the end, in seeing how wonderful a ruler Elizabeth was...and, I am certain that Henry would've been extremely proud of Elizabeth. So, despite his cruelty to most of his wives, and many times, to his children, I do believe that he, yes, loved Elizabeth.

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Q: How did Henry VIII treat elizabeth?
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Multiple people; the Tudor family ruled for a good part of it though- Henry VII, Henry VIII, and Elizabeth I

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Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Richmond (1519 - 1536) was the illegitmate son of Henry VIII and his mistress, Elzabeth Blount. He died when he was 17. Henry Fitzroy was the only acknowledged illegitimate child of Henry VIII. Henry Carey (1526 - 1596) was the child of Mary Boleyn (sister of Anne). As Mary Boleyn had been a mistress of Henry VIII, there was much speculation that this child was also Henry VIII's. But this was never acknowledged. Mary Boleyn was actually married to William Carey. During the reign of Elizabeth I, Henry Carey became Baron Hunsdon and was eventually made Lord Chamberlain. He and Elizabeth were cousins through their mothers - but it is not beyond the realms of possibility that they were actually half brother and half sister!

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