How did Henry know becket?

Updated: 8/22/2023
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Thomas Becket came to the notice of the king when he worked as clerk and accountant to Archbishop Theobald of Canterbury. Becket showed such great promise and worked so diligently that Henry made him Chancellor of England with responsibility for supervising the king's Chancery (writing office) as well as a role in the royal administration.

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Q: How did Henry know becket?
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What did Thomas a Becket die of?

Thomas Becket was killed by knights . Whether or not that King Henry told him to, we just don't know.

What did Henry make Becket in 1154?

Henry appointed Becket as Chancellor in 1154.

Why did Henry 2 fall out with becket?

Henry 2 fall out with Becket because instead of helping Henry Becket Began to stand up to him and defend the right of the church.

What was Becket?

Becket's personality was awful towards Henry by betraying him by expelling all of the bishops that stood by Henry.

How were Henry ll and Thomas Becket similar?

Henry II and Thomas Becket were both powerful, Henry as a king and Becket as Archbishop of Canterbury. They were both trying to consolidate or maintain the power of their organizations. And they were both very stubborn.

Why was Thomas Becket so powerful?

Thomas Becket was noticed by the important powers in the church, and the Archbishop Canterbury made him archdeacon. When King Henry II needed a chancellor, Becket was suggested by the man who was archbishop at the time, and Henry and Becket soon became friends. Henry saw to it that Becket became Archbishop when the position became vacant, and this made Becket the most powerful cleric in Britain.

What was becket's personality?

Becket's personality was awful towards Henry by betraying him by expelling all of the bishops that stood by Henry.

How did Henry V11's Thomas's die?

Henry II had Thomas à Becket assassinated. Henry VIII executed Thomas More. I know of no Thomases associated with Henry VII.

Why did King Henry II get angry with Thomas Becket?

King Henry II got angry because Thomas Becket betrayed him by kicking out all the loyal people in the church of England and also kicked out the Archbishop of York. So king Henry II sent out knights to search and to kill Thomas Becket. Then King Henry II tried to stop the nights but it was too late. So that is why King Henry II got angry with Thomas Becket.

Who was the archbishop of Canterbury during Henry ii reign?

Well, it depends on which King Henry you mean. During the reign of Henry the VIII, the Archbishop of Canterbury was William Warham followed by Thomas Cramner. If you mean a different Henry, just let me know. If you mean Henry II, then it was Thomas Becket

Did King Henry II want Thomas Becket to die?

Probably not. Henry II clearly regretted the death of Becket. He was very angry at Becket at the time of Becket's death, but he was also very ill, and we have no precise record of what he said about Becket at the time.

Why did Henry ask the archbishop of york to crown his son not Becket?

it was because Thomas Becket an Henry II had an argument( not sure when) and Henry II then decided that he had enough and mad the Archbishop of York do the honour when actually it was supposed to be Thomas Becket (the Archbishop of Canterbury's) job.