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James mill categorized Indian history on the basis ofreligion that are :-

  • Hindu (early)
  • Muslim (medieval)
  • British (later)
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Q: How did James Mill divide Indian history?
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What is the problem with the periodisation of the history that James mill offers?

James Mill divided history according to the religion or view of the most dominant and powerful ruler in India at the time. The problem with the periodization of James Mill is that he only looks at Indian history from the view point of the rulers, and doesn't think about the views of the people.

What is the name of the book which is wrriten by James mill?

One of the books written by James Mill is "The History of British India," which was published in 1817. This book is a comprehensive account of the history and culture of India during British colonial rule.

Who published the work A History of British India?

james mill

Who published a three - volume work a history of british India?

James Mill

Who published the massive three volume work - A History of British India?

James Mill

Why some historians are in favor of James mill classification of history?

James mill in 1817 had classified the book into three partswhich is1 part is Hindu2 part is MuslimAnd the third part is British Rule

What is James Mill's birthday?

James Mill was born on April 6, 1773.

What are the two archaeological sources in ancient Indian history?

the sources of modern history of India were the literary sources like manuscripts,scrolls , books ,important documents etc.;the second would be archaeological sources and monuments and the third would be other sources like printing machine,photographs, broadcasts etc.

How old was James Mill at death?

James Mill died on June 23, 1836 at the age of 63.

Where was the first Indian jute mill set up?

The first paper mill in India was set up at Sreerampur, West Bengal,

The first Indian cloth mill was in?


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