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They forced her to serve them dinner then grow careless and talked about their plans or maybe they where drunk.

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Q: How did Laura secord find out about the American's plans?
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How did Laura Secord impact Canada today?

. Laura was born in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, on September 13 1775. She was one of four daughters. Her parents were Thomas and Elizabeth Ingersoll. Her father was in the army therefore she rarely saw him. This made her have a very close bond with her mother. Until one of the most dreadful days of Laura's life…at eight years old her mother died leaving her the eldest of her four siblings. One year later her lonely father remarried. Sadly, four years later Laura's stepmother passed away. (Now I am going to pause here for a second just in case you have no interest in reading further, though I assure you that Laura's life was not as dreadful as I may be making it sound. So I am just making sure that you realized that you may read on knowing Laura led a good life.) Luckily, soon enough, Thomas found his third wife. Her name was Sarah; the two of them were a lovely couple and had four sons and three daughters. There were now eleven children in the Ingersoll household. In 1797, the Ingersoll family relocated near Niagara Falls, Ontario, due to the policing in the U.S. This is where Laura would soon meet the apple of her eye, James Secord. All in the same year James and Laura were happily married and soon had five children. It was all good times and laughter for the Secord family, until the war of 1812. It was the war against Britain and the U.S. The fight was for the territory, now known as Canada. By this time in the war, Laura had sent the children to live at a relative's house in the country where they would be safe. When Laura returned from dropping off her beloved children, she was terrified to find out that James was hurt during the battle. Not thinking of the danger, Laura rushed out to the battlefield, there she found James lying on the ground with severe wounds on his shoulder and knee. All got worse when American soldiers came knocking on the door, demanding to stay in Laura's home. In fear, the Secord family provided their home to the soldiers. One lonesome night, the U.S. soldiers spoke of a "surprise" attack. Unlucky for them, Laura and James had over heard the plan. They were to attack at the Beaver Dams, where they would assault the Lt. James Fitzgibbon; with this plan the Americans would be capable to control the entire Niagara peninsula. With that, the Secord's realized their only choice, was to warn the British Lt. of the so-called "surprise" attack. Terribly, Laura's husband was still wounded from the dreadful day on the battlefield, and he was not able to walk. This left it up to Laura to win the battle for the British. Obviously, running out in the middle of the night would make the American soldiers especially suspicious; in a hurry Laura made up a fib, saying she must go visit her poor relative who is sick. The soldiers agreed, as of that Laura was off. The route Laura was to take was risky, any point in time she could be caught by a U.S. officer and questioned on her appearance on this lonesome night, or possibly even shot and killed. Other than the danger of the soldiers, Laura also constantly was reminded of the horrid wildlife her route had presented her with. Out there you would find nothing but wolves, wildcats, and rattlesnakes. Mother nature was not on her side either; she faced boiling hot temperatures, deep, muddy swamps and thick woods. Her journey was not only risky, but long, a 20-mile trail that took her more than 18 hours, but what kind of heroine would she be if she did not make it? When Laura arrived at the location of Lt. James Fitzgibbon, she told him the whole story, of the American's staying at her and her husband's house, of her long journey to warn him of the "surprise" attack. Being the clever man that he is, Fitzgibbon thought up a plan, a plan that would not only free him from assault but most likely win the war for the British. His plan was for the Indian regiment to march back and forth creating the allusion of a greater armed presence. It was brilliant! This plan, not surprisingly resulted in the British winning over what is now Canada. = At the age of 93 Laura died of natural causes, she is now buried in Drummond Hill Cemetery. Now, do me a favor, the next time you hear the name Laura Secord, do not think of chocolate and ice cream, instead think of a great heroine who has made life much more enjoyable for all Canadians.

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