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American Indian tribes developed trade in food among themselves

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The native Americans who normally lived as farmers had to adjust to the fact that the newcomers took those lands. They had to find ways to get food and turned to hunting and gathering.

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Q: How did the arrival of Europeans change American Indians' agricultural practices?
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What did the europeans call the natives that they first met in the tundra region Canada?

Indians. Indians are what the europeans called the natives when they first met in the tundra region Canada.

What happened after fifty years of contact with europeans in the new world?

90 percent of the Indians had died primarily from the harshness of colonial policies and diseases inadvertently transmitted by Europeans.

When did Europeans take the Indians as slaves?

Europeans usually took Indians as slaves betweens the 1500's to the 1700. This was because alot of European explorers took expeditions around these times. When they got there and saw indians they took them as prisoner. They killed most of the Indians and kept little as slaves. Because they only really kept africans as slaves because they looked much stronger than anyone. When they saw how skinny and boney the indians were they only took muscular ones and usually killed the rest.

What were some of the things that Europeans traded with the Native Indians?

The Europeans traded weaponry (guns), pots (brass), beads, and blankets.The First Nations traded furs (beaver), weaponry (bows and arrows), crop vegetables (delicacies), and shells.

How did the Indians and Europeans get along?

Historically they did not get along at all, the cultural differences between these two societies means that they could not co-exist. European culture states that you can own things to the exclusion of others (Capitalism) while Native American cultures saw public resources as belonging to all (Socialism).

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How and when were Guns discovered by north American Indians?

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What did Europeans traded with American Indians?

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Where were the people in the southern colonies from?

They probably were American Indians, slaves from Africa, or Europeans.

How did the arrival of Europeans change American Indians' agriculture?

alcohol and guns, maybe?

Europeans viewed the Native Indians as?

I think the Europeans tended to view the American Indians in more romantic terms than did the settlers - as "noble savages", so to speak.

What was the name of people who were in northe American before the Europeanies?

The American aboriginals, or Indians, were the people who were here before the Europeans.

Effect of the Dawes Act was that American Indians?

Lost their traditional cultural practices