How did Robert dudley die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Robert Dudley was the first Earl of Leicester and lived from 1532 to 1588 CE. He died suddenly at Cornbury Park, historians believe he died from either malaria or stomach cancer.

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Q: How did Robert dudley die?
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When did Robert Dudley Edwards die?

Robert Dudley Edwards died in 1988.

When did Robert Dudley Baxter die?

Robert Dudley Baxter died in 1875.

When did Robert Dudley - explorer - die?

Robert Dudley - explorer - died on 1649-09-06.

When did Robert Dudley Oliver die?

Robert Dudley Oliver died on 1850-09-01.

When did Robert Dudley - actor - die?

Robert Dudley - actor - died on 1955-09-15.

How did Sir Robert Dudley die?

Sir Robert Dudley died of natural causes. Days after the Spanish Armada.

What religion what Robert Dudley?

Robert dudley was catholic or protestant protestant

When was Robert Dudley Edwards born?

Robert Dudley Edwards was born in 1909.

When was Robert Dudley Baxter born?

Robert Dudley Baxter was born in 1827.

What is Robert Dudley's birthday?

Robert Dudley was born on June 24, 1533.

What has the author Robert Edward Dudley written?

Robert Edward Dudley has written: 'Our side of the story'

When was Robert Dudley - explorer - born?

Robert Dudley - explorer - was born on 1574-08-07.