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Q: How did Vitus Bering's expedition lead to conflict in America?
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What where vitus berings major accomplishments?

Vitus Bering's major accomplishment was that he figured out if Asia and North America were connected by land.

What was vitus berings wife named?

Anna Bering

Who financed vitus berings voyage?

Tsar Peter I

In 1728 who led an expedition to find out if Asia and North America were connected by land?

The answer to your question is Vitus Bering.

When did Vitus Bering die?

Vitus Bering died on December 8, 1741, during his expedition to chart the waters between Russia and North America. He succumbed to scurvy on Bering Island, which is named after him.

What year did Vitus Bering explore Alaska?

Vitus Bering explored Alaska in 1741 as part of an expedition commissioned by the Russian government.

First white man to visit the area of Alaska?

The Vitus Bering Expedition.

Why were the shipwrecked crew of the vitus berings ship St.peter so glad to discover stellers sea cows?

They crew was so glad to discover sea cows (manatees) because they thought the sea creatures were mermaids.

Who was Vitus Bering?

Vitus Bering was a Danish explorer and officer in the Russian Navy. He led two groundbreaking expeditions in the 18th century, exploring the northern Pacific Ocean and the Bering Strait, which separates Russia and Alaska. Bering's voyages greatly contributed to our understanding of the geography of North America and Asia.

When did vitus bering explore Alaska?

Vitus Bering led two expeditions to explore Alaska in 1728 and 1741. His first expedition was commissioned by Tsar Peter the Great of Russia to investigate whether Asia and North America were connected by land. Bering's discoveries significantly expanded European knowledge of the region.

What was the purpose of vitus bering journey?

the purpose of his journey was to find and reach north america

When did saint vitus die?

Saint Vitus, died in 303AD