Who was Vitus Bering's wife?

Updated: 8/23/2023
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Elishabet Vitusen zarh

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Q: Who was Vitus Bering's wife?
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What was vitus berings wife named?

Anna Bering

Who financed vitus berings voyage?

Tsar Peter I

What where vitus berings major accomplishments?

Vitus Bering's major accomplishment was that he figured out if Asia and North America were connected by land.

Why were the shipwrecked crew of the vitus berings ship St.peter so glad to discover stellers sea cows?

They crew was so glad to discover sea cows (manatees) because they thought the sea creatures were mermaids.

When was Eline Berings born?

Eline Berings was born on 1986-05-28.

When did saint vitus die?

Saint Vitus, died in 303AD

Famous explorers from Alaska?

Vitus Bering of Denmark in the service of Russia.

Is St. Vitus a boy or girl?

Vitus was a "boy."

Was Vitus Bering European?

vitus bering was european

When was Vitus Husek born?

Vitus Husek was born in 1973.

When did Vitus Miletus die?

Vitus Miletus died in 1615.

When was Vitus Miletus born?

Vitus Miletus was born in 1549.