How did george handel die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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George Frideric Handel died of a bad eye operation.The weird part is so did Bach and they both had the same doctor

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Q: How did george handel die?
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When did George Frideric Handel die?

George Frideric Handel died on April 14, 1759 at the age of 74.

Who composed The Messiah?

George Frideric Handel. Born in Saxony, prior to him becoming a naturalised British subject in 1726, his name was Georg Friedrich Händel.

Who was more popular George Handel or George Gershwin?

George Handel

When did george f handel's mom die?

1730 not exactly sure of the date

Did george handel have sibling?

Yes, George Frideric Handel did have siblings. Two sisters.

Who were george handel parents?

Georg and Dorothea Handel

What is Handel's first name?

George Frideric Handel

Where and when did george frederic handel die?

After an illness and injuries which brought on blindness, Handel returned to his home on Brook Street in London. He died there on April 14, 1759.

Where did George Frederik Handel die?

Friedrich* & he died April 14th, in his home in Halle, Germany.

What is George Frideric Handel's birthday?

George Frideric Handel was born on February 23, 1685.

Who is Dorothea Taust Handel?

She is George Friedrich Handel's mother!

Did Handel the composer have a mom or dad?

George Handel and Dorothea Taust.