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His head got chopped of by the gulitten. Who lives by the gulitten dies by the gulitten! hahaha! jokes

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Q: How did maximillien robspierre die?
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Who ruled France during the reign of terror?

Maimilien Robespierre.

Who was the leader of the jacobins?

Maximillien Robespierre was a jacobin who advocated the use of the Guillotine to threaten the non-supporters of the Revolution. Also, Georges Couthon is regarded as a leader of the radicals.

Who Maximilian Robespierre?

Maximillien Robespierre, nicknamed "the Incorruptible," was the leader of the Jacobins who took over the leadership of France during the French Revolution. He and the other committee members ordered the execution of the King, Louis XVI, for treason in January 1793.Robespierre, as an enlightened thinker, brought revolutionary ideas of equality, liberty and fraternity to the minds of the French people already put under pressure by poverty, exacerbated by an incapable king and an exorbitant queen.During the revolution, he also made France a secular state. He attempted to rename the months of the year and make 1794 the first year of French history. This did not catch on though, and his attempt to institute a new "festival of the saint" was also unsuccessful.Robespierre allowed the death of thousands of French persons - men, women and children - during the course of the revolution.He died in 1794, the final victim of the revolution - taken by the guillotine to which he had sent thousands.Robespierre was a lawyer and a politician who was very good at making speeches; at his own trial he delivered a very convincing two hour long speech in his defense. When he was 17, he was chosen out of 500 pupils to deliver a welcome speech to the King (ironically he eventually supported the King's execution later).He was the eldest of four children; his mother died in child birth when he was young and his father, distressed at the loss of his wife, vanished when Robespierre was eight years old, leaving the four children to be cared for by their paternal grandfather and aunts.

How did Luis de Moscoso die?

he did not die he vanished and now knew where he went but he is oversly dead

Why did Laura secord die?

Laura Secord died because of how old she was, she was 93

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How did Maximillen Robspierre die?

Executed :(

When did robspierre die?

28 July 1794

The leader of the Reign of Terror was?

it is sirius

What did Maximillien Robespierre do for a living?

He was an Attorney.

Maximillien Robespierre is known as?

The Incorruptible.

What symbolizes Maximillien Robespierre?

The guillotine.

Was maximillan robspierre gulity of treason?

No, but he was guilty of being French.

Which figure of the French Revolution was known as The Incorruptible?

MAximillen Robspierre

What was Maximillien Robespierre influental in?

The Reign of Terror.

Where was Maximillien Robespierre from?

He was fron Arras, France.

Maximillien Robespierre was known as the?

He was called the Incorruptible.

Who ruled France during the reign of terror?

Maimilien Robespierre.