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washing their clothes, putting their waste in it??

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Q: How did people cross the Thames River during Elizabethan times?
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How does the yellow river affect people?

The Huang River affects the people that lived near it because over time loess builds up in the river it forming dams, so that caused the river to change its course many times. But when the river suddenly changes course, farms and towns are destroyed. And the Huang river also has many horrible floods. So in a result they call the Huang river "the River of Sorrow".

Where did the last Victorian Frost Fair in 1814 take place?

Britain's final Frost Fair began on 1 February 1814 and, like the preceding Frost Fairs, it was held on the frozen Thames River in London. The river was frozen so solidly that with herds of donkeys were led out onto the frozen waterway for donkey rides and market sales, and lamb was roasted on the ice, with its meat sold as "Lapland Mutton". After this event, winters did not become so cold again. When the new London Bridge was built, it had fewer supporting piers, which allowed the water to flow more freely. Therefore the Thames did not freeze over enough to allow crowds of thousands to wander about on its surface.

During 1777 British General Burgoyne attempted to implement a plan for dividing the colonies by capturing what?

Hudson River Valley

Did they have alcohol in Elizabethan times?

Shakespeare talks about people drinking mead. It was an alcoholic drink made from honey and water which was fermented with yeast. I'm sure the most common drink was water though. Actually I thought water was very dangerous at those times, so it was only drunk if desperate. True with the mead though! Thanks!

How many times has britain been invaded in the past?

In historic times, the Thames and the Rhine were the same river, and there was no English Channel. So people crossed over to England on foot, without any idea of invasion. After the English Channel started to widen, the first known invaders were the Romans, followed by the Angles and Jutes, then the Saxons. The Norman conquest of 1066 is the last officially-recognised invasion. But events after 1950, continuing to the present day, will eventually be recognised as an invasion in the full sense.

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What river ran through London in the Elizabethan era?

The River Thames runs through London.

What river is in London?

That would be the River Thames.

What famous river in England which London is located?

The River Thames is the major river through London, cutting right through the middle of the city. There are many other rivers in London, such as the River Lee (or Lea) and the River Brent.

Do people have jobs related to the river thames?

Yes, there are people in England who's job it is to work on and look after the river. The RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) operates on the River Thames. These are volunteers who assist in keeping the Thames safe.

What name the famous river in London?

The river Thames (pronounced temz)

Why are there apartments by the Thames River?

For people to live in.

What do people do on the river thames?

To have fun and relax

What river is the capital of Great Britain situated?

London is situated on the River Thames (pronounced 'temz'.

How pronounce river thames?

Thames River

How many cross the river Thames?

There are 214 bridges, over 20 tunnels, six public ferries, and one Ford. See attached link for a list of crossings over the river Thames.

How do people get attracted by the river Thames?

The river Thames flows through Central London and tourists visiting that area will always see the river and stay awhile.

What is the name of the river that runs through the capital of England?

The Thames flows through London.